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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


First Brand New Venue for London 2012 Completed!!!
The 2012 Olympic whitewater slalom venue was opened on December 9th by Princess Anne. Construction on the course began in July 2009 to complete the 300 meter whitewater section. 
This is extremely exciting for us slalom racers!  The British Team was able to paddle on the course for the opening and the reviews are great!  All of the paddlers are saying that it’s possibly the best artificial slalom course they’ve ever paddled on.
The British Team will be relocating to London in January and will get exclusive use of the course until April 2011.  International paddlers will have access after that and I’ll be getting on the course as soon as I can.  I’ve moved to the UK to be closer to the venue and I’m really looking forward to taking advantage of being here. 
The Canadian Team will be taking part in the Olympic Test Event next July.  It’s going to be the first major competition on the course and the international slalom community will all be watching.  I CAN’T WAIT!!!
Check out this article on the BBC website where you can also watch some video of the new venue…

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