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Friday, October 15, 2010


Here I am, Robin Randall from Team Canada Mens' Water Polo, live in Calgary, Alberta.  Today marked the first snowfall of the year, and yet again we all thanked our respective supreme beings that we train indoors.  We have been following the Commonwealth Games on CBC and were proud of our fellow athletes and the success that they had there.  Unfortunately Water Polo is not a part of the Commonwealth Games as yet, but work is being done to secure a spot for us in future Games.  Congratulations from all of the mens' Water Polo training centre in Calgary!   We've had a bit of an update on our potential travel plans for this season, and as usual they are extensive.  We are going down to Southern California for five days in November (that will be a welcome break from the snow!) as well as Brazil in January for our World Championship Qualifications (another reprieve) and Hungary in February for the Volvo Cup and joint training with the four-time Olympic Champions.  That's four consecutive Olympic Championships - but who is counting? 

That's all for now from Calgary!  Thanks for reading!  

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Robin Randall
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