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Thursday, October 14, 2010

DAVID SNIDER - Badminton

Hello everyone,

Well the competition portion of the Games ended for me today. I lost out in the second round to the third seed from Malaysia 21-12, 21-13. The Malaysian was a tough opponent for me because he is tall player with great deception around the net and a hard smash. This made it difficult to generate points. Although the scores do not indicate a very close match it was my best match of the tournament I believe. I say this because I went out with a clear tactical plan and I stuck to it the whole way throughout the match. This seems simple but for me it is a big step because I will play tend to play in a fearful mode when I am playing strong opponents. What I mean by a fearful mode is that I will play my most comfortable game style. This is all good when I am playing weaker opponents, however, for stronger opponents they can adapt to my style quickly and this makes the match challenging for me. So back to what I was saying before, I went outside of my comfort zone in this match and committed to playing the proper strategy to win. Although this means that I was committing a few more errors than I am used to, it was great to see my game plan taking shape in the rallies. For instance, by hitting higher lifts  from the net into the draft it affected my opponents ability to smash and thus allowing me to anticipate more because I did not need to worry as much about his smash. So for me this match was a great first step for me to test out this new approach to the game. I am proud of myself for doing this against such a difficult opponent in such a big setting. Now I need to put these things into practice each time I step onto court. For the rest of the trip I plan to train hard with my coach and hopefully I will also get a chance to go see the Taj Mahal.


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