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Monday, October 11, 2010

JOHN HASTINGS - Canoe/Kayak Slalom

Alberta Bound

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 

After gorging on Turkey and relaxing with the family for the last couple of days, I think I am ready for my journey out to the Kananaskis River and Canmore, Alberta for the first training camp of the year. Coach Michal has sent the schedule for the camp and at first glance it is looking tough. Although unplanned, I think eating those extra slices of pie and the dark meat this past weekend was a good idea!
I am looking forward to heading out west, especially Canmore. The Rocky Mountains are beautiful, and the fact that we are approx. 1.35km above sea-level will come with some physiological benefits. I am also looking forward to returning to the Kananaskis River, our primary training ground while there. Although it will be frigid, the +1 km of continuous whitewater (with gates) makes for great early season training. I was also informed that there are going to be lots of youngsters ripping around at this camp. I am looking forward to seeing these new faces and meeting everyone! 

Pictures and stories from the camp to come soon, stay tuned. 


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