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Monday, September 27, 2010


So, a new season is underway for Team Canada Mens' Water Polo Team. Being united with the veterans and meeting the rookies has me excited to break the glasslike surface of the water. So much potential. So much opportunity. So much work to be done!

For those of you who aren't familiar with water polo, despite being a summer sport our season runs year-round. Team Canada usually has a few short weeks off in August and gets back to the grind in September.

This is a big year for us. There are two major competitions next season; Pan-Am Games in Guadalajara, Mexico, and the FINA World Championships in Shanghai, China. Pan Am Games doubles as an Olympic Qualifier for us, so we need to finish first there to guarantee a slot in London, England, for the 2012 Olympiad. Only 381 days left until we have a chance to play for that spot!

Did you know? Water polo is the oldest Olympic team sport in the modern Olympiad. The mens' version first premiered at the 2nd modern Olympics in 1900. Womens' water polo was included in 2000.

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