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Thursday, September 23, 2010


Going Solo

Happy to say selection is finally done for the 2010 year and I earned a berth in Canada’s Lightweight Single at the 2010 World Championships.

Thus far it has been a year of exploring new things.  It began with a move to Ontario in January.  I had to absolutely peel myself away from the west coast, I miss the mountains, the ocean and my family a ton, but have found a great little niche here in London’s Wortley Village. The pivotal changes to this year of training have been the large focus on technique, with the help of my new coach Al Morrow, rowing efficiency, injury prevention, and training smartly – gone are the days of junk miles!

Financial support from the CAN fund, Team Investors Group bursary and 2010 Hudson’s Bay Company’s Athlete Support Program, not to mention our awesome support from Own the Podium have all allowed much more room in my budget (a far cry from last year!!) for exploring new therapies such as Structural Integration and facial release, Yoga and Pilates, for my injury-prone body – undoubtedly helping me find more and more speed on the water.

Just a little over two weeks left of training on London’s Lake Fanshawe until departure for New Zealand on October 12th – what a birthday present!  The World Championships begin on October 31st.


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