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Sunday, September 26, 2010

KELSIE HENDRY - Athletics (Pole Vault)

This is an exceptionally long year for athletics, I started competing in January to prepare for Indoor Worlds in Doha, and now I’m still training to get ready for the Commonwealth Games in India. I feel like the Energizer bunny-sweet sunglasses included (seriously I have the same ones the bunny wore in the 80’s).

 No doubt there has been substantial hoopla around the Games in India, so right now it’s important to stay focused on training. Of course my mother calls me daily, worried about one thing or another. I just let her know that that my teammate Angela Whyte will test out the food so I avoid Delhi belly; however, I had to agree to let any snakes sleep in my bed. Hello mother, India is just like Eat, Pray, Love and I’ll send you a pic of me petting an elephant in no time. All kidding aside, the Indian people have worked very hard to make this a successful games, and Canada has done a great job preparing the athletes for the Games….so I do have enough deet for the whole Canadian team and I’ve had a lot of shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots-not the alcoholic kind from the song featuring lil Jon, but of the immunization variety. I am confident that the Games will survive this media frenzy and India will impress on the world stage.

As a lot of athletes do, I train out of my hometown Saskatoon, Sk as well as a warm weather location, Phoenix, Az. Basically I am either freezing or melting…. 40 degrees Celsius in Phoenix today, no big deal. I am practicing getting my sweat on for India. Currently I am training solo, and having tons of fun with Vinny Chase, Turtle, Johnny, E and Ari. Unfortunately these are characters from the HBO series Entourage, so it is a bit sad that I liken them to be my actual friends. I am heading to the Games in a week, so more to come from India. Peace.


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