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Friday, January 28, 2011

CAN Fund Athlete Holiday Drive!- ROSANNA CRAWFORD

I would like to ask a favour. If you could take a few minutes to read about a great organization I believe in.  As you know I am proud to be training to represent Canada in the sport of Biathlon. It is my dream to be able to compete against the best in the World and be on the podium while doing it.
Myself and 650 of Canada's elite athletes recently applied to the Canadian Athletes Now Fund.  CAN Fund is a non profit that raises direct financial support for athletes across Canada. Each Athlete is eligible to receive $12 000 annually.  The majority of athletes in Canada rely on CAN Fund so they can have better equipment, coaches, cover travel expenses and afford proper nutrition.
A great feature about CAN Fund is with each donation  you find out the name of the athlete you supported and receive a tax receipt! 
I first applied for the CAN fund so I could attend important training camps, it has helped me get to where I am today. 
The CAN Fund has raised $13 million for Canadian athletes and supported 80% of the Canadian Team that competed in Vancouver 2010.
This past July celebrating 2 years leading up to the London 2012 Games the CAN Fund gave over 1 million dollars to athletes.   Right now the  Athlete Holiday Drive is on until January 31, 2011 and each donation is getting matched dollar for dollar.   I respect this organization and hope you can visit their website to learn more about them: 

Thanking you in advance for considering this invitation to support all Canadian athletes.
Athlete Holiday Drive Link: 

Facts about the Canadian athletes and the CAN Fund:
1. With every donation you receive the name of the athlete supported and receive a tax receipt.
2. 35 medalists from Vancouver re-applied to CAN Fund for financial support
3. Top level athletes receive $1500 a month from the government to live (rent, food, gas, etc)
4. On July 27th, 2010 CAN Fund handed out 1.1 million dollars to our Canadian athletes
5. CAN Fund supported 80% of the athletes who competed for Canada at the Vancouver Games
6. A record 545 applications from athletes across Canada seeking direct financial support were received for the last CAN Fund athlete application
7. Of the 386 summer athletes who applied, over 1/3 are not only the best in the Canada but they are the best in the world (ranked in the top 10)
8. 58% of these summer athletes who have a world ranking of 1-10 have negative net incomes. 

Help Canada Own the Podium in 2012 in London and 2014 in Sochi!

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