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Monday, November 1, 2010


Kananaskis Training Camp

The training Camp was 10 days filled with 28 training sessions in all kinds of weather from snow blizzards, to +20 degrees. The camp was attended by 3 CAN Fund Recipients David Ford, John Hastings, and Jessica Groeneveld.

The Camp was also a good opportunity for younger paddlers to learn about training and train along side of national team members.

 "The Camp was a combination of physical and technical work, and by the end I was physically exhausted but really happy with the Camp" ~ Jessica Groeneveld


"The training camp was pretty awesome and the coaching was excellent. Also being able to train alongside the senor national team was a cool experience."
 ~ Junior paddler, Levi Severtson, from Innisfail, Alberta.

Photo Credit: Kelly VanderBeek, Alpine Skiing, 2006 Olympian

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